Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The history and the origins of Pathans has been a controversial debate however not much of a consensus could be formed . There were theories ranging from Pakhtuns having an Aryan, Jewish, Arab or mixed origin. None was convincing enough to form a conclusion. Patahns are extremely obsessed and curious to know about their origin of their race, however it might not be a major concern for many other races. Some people believe that they might also be related to Khalid bin walid and as a result of which Pathans might also have an Arabic origin. While another school of thought relate them to of Adolf Hitler’s that has a link to the Afghans to the Aryans and ultimately a linkage to Pathans of Peshawar.

Pashtun culture is based on Islam and Pashtunwali, which is an ancient way of life.


The most famous and renowed tribes in Khyber pakhtoonwar are Lodi,Suri,Hotaki, Durrani,Barakazi.

Classes of Pathans Society


Holidays , special events and Traditions

Gham khadi,Wada Koidana,Topak tamacha,hujra,kat bistara along with those is the arrival of Sparlay or Spring, known as Nava Wroz (New Day), is also celebrated by some Pashtuns. It is an ancient annual Pashtun festival which celebrates both the beginning of spring and the New Year. Amongst some Pashtuns, Sheshbeeyeh, a prelude festival to Nava Wroz is also celebrated.