Punjab is the biggest province of the Pakistan with large number of population, and it has a system of five rivers so that’s why we call this Punjab. Actually a single Punjab word that has couple of words like “Punj” means five and “ab” means water. So the capital of the Punjab is Lahore and it has mix climate some regional areas are too cold as murree and some areas are hot but not too hot

Despite the processes of history and politics which have undermined the unity across the region, including the partition of Punjab in 1947 as well as other movements to privilege religious over other identities of belonging, Saanjh Punjab intends to highlight various aspects of shared practices across East and West Punjab which span India and Pakistan.

Dresses refelects the shared rich culture which both East and West Punjab have. Culture of East and West Punjab is never complete without its dresses and food. A bridal wear or Shadi de Kapray is the clothing worn by a bride during wedding ceremony. Traditionally Punjabi brides use to wear red colour dress during the wedding ceremony but mostly colour depends on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. Traditional Anarkali are referred to be formal dresses of the old times of mughals.