Balochistan Sports


Hashti is the most popular traditional sport of balochistan, which is a summer game, and it is played during the day. Everyone wants to play this game, whether they are youngsters, teenagers, or elderly adults. This game requires four players, two in one group and two in the next. The game was held under a shady tree or in a (kapur), a type of hut with all four sides open and built in the home’s courtyard. It’s the kind of game where no one gets tired of watching it; instead, the viewers are enthralled by it and keep watching it until it’s over.


Nogadgi is another well-known game that requires a total of nine stones to play. Teenagers are engrossed in this game and give it their all. On sports days, both hashti and nogadgi are played in colleges.


Choki used to be a popular game among teenagers and young people in Turban and Makran. It’s similar to Ludo and is played with four Choks constructed of bisected wood pieces. It was formerly a popular pastime, but it is now exclusively played in remote locations without electricity, internet, or television.


Gabdi, a fast-paced Balochi native game played with one foot, is also in danger of becoming extinct. It was formerly a game that both boys and girls enjoyed. Gabdi, a very healthy and entertaining game, is quickly coming to an end, and today’s kids are unaware of it.