Gilgit Baltistan Home Base Work

Gilgit Baltistan Shawls

Embroided gowns (Choghas/attire with Dori work), wallets, key chains, caps, carpet weaving (Gabbeh and rugs), stonework (Sharma), wood utensils (walnuts & pinewood), woolen crafts (shawls, Namda, Pattu, Yardage), precious and semi-precious stones and metals and industrial stones are the specialities of Gilgit and have a promising market in PAkistan and abroad.

Gloves & Socks

Knitted from local woolen yarn are soft, confortable and warm for harsh winter. Different local geometric designs are made on socks, Sahi Jurab or Royal Socks are of the unique design. They are usually made as a part of the groom or brideal dress.

Corchet Items

Corchet is an amazing art and skill. Various amazing items are made with these skills. Women of Gilgit Baltistan are naturally gifted with this skill. They make a beautiful crochet bed sheets, pillow covers, sofa covers, jackets and headbands. Both are natural and synthetic yarn is used to crochet various items.

Gilgit Female Caps

Hunza Valley is rich in its versatile way of fashions, female wear this cap as part of dress.

Handmade wallets

Handmade wallets for men are another gem produced by this region via handicafts.