Gilgit Baltistan Food & Drinks


Go- Lee which is also called Giyaling is a traditional breakfast item of Hunza. It is specifically prepared for the event of giani that is celebrated in the month of May and June each year after the cultivation of wheat crops. Giyaling is basically a flatbread that is made with the whole grain flour. This bread is usually cooked on special occasions. It is served by spreading butter on it along with tea.


Harissa is one of the delicious dishes of Hunza. It is an excellent combination of meat, rice, wheat, and green lentil. This can be compared with haleem, but it has its own special taste because it is specially prepared with ghee. It is a very healthy dish that is preferred by the local people to eat. Harissa is very easy to make and a good source of protein. It can be eaten alone or can also be served with naan.


Chapshuro is considered a pizza in this city. It is the bread that is stuffed with chopped meat of beef, mutton or chicken with onion, red chili, tomato, coriander, onion, black pepper, green chili, plain flour, water, salt, and oil. This dish is baked in the oven at a specific temperature until it turns brown from both sides. You can also try this dish at home because it is straightforward to make and delicious to eat.


Shopan is a tasty food item in this region. The key ingredients required for this dish include the stomach of sheep/goat or minced meat along with flour, salt, red chili, coriander, onion, mint, water, salt, and oil. Meat is usually marinated with vinegar or lemon juice so that the smell goes out from it. It is served with rice or wheat bread.


It is similar to the sausages and is prepared with the intestines of animals along with wheat flour, buckwheat flour, salt, crushed red chili, coriander, mint powder, onion, water, and oil. The intestines are washed properly to fill the mixture in them. It normally takes around 45 minutes to be cooked and served with soup.


Hoi Lo Garma:

Hoi lo Garma is a yummy dish that is prepared from mustard greens and cooked with flatbread. It is also called as Garma and served traditionally with a simple salad that contains chopped tomatoes, green onions, greens chilies, and salt. Lemon juice is also added to make it more delicious.

Diram Fitti:

The majority of people living in Hunza work in the fields, therefore, they require highly energetic food to fulfill their body requirements. Diram fitti is one of the perfect choices of food for these people Diram Fitti is an exceptional breakfast item. It is the bread that is made from sprouted wheat flour which provides the natural sweetness to it. This dish is served by adding butter, almond or apricot oil.

Buttering Daudo:

Buttering Daudo is a traditional apricot soup that is made primarily in the winter season. It is a very helpful remedy to get rid of the diseases of the cold season and also works well for people having constipation issues. Dried apricots are used to prepare this soup with other ingredients including sugar, water, and lemon. It is almost prepared in every house of Hunza in the cold season because of its numerous benefits