Kashmir Home Base Work

Copperware Art In Kashmir

Kashmiri craftsmen were famous for their expressions in portray and first-rate information and textures on bronze work.

Carpet Weaving In Kashmir

The carefully assembled carpets of Kashmir are well known all through the world. In spite of the fact that very costly, Kashmiri rugs are an advantageous deep rooted venture.

Hand Made Shawls of Kashmir

The word shawl is derived from Persian “shal”, which was the name given for a whole range of fine woolen garments. Shawls are worn and used as a warm protective garment, Kashmir has become synonymous with shawls all over the world. 

Wood Carving Art In Kashmir

Walnut is the most widely recognized wood utilized for carving. Kashmir is the main piece where the walnut tree develops. Its shading, grain and sheen are extraordinary, and the carving and worry work that is done on this wood is of the best quality.

Papier Machie

Papier Machie is one of the most popular of crafts practiced in Kashmir. The tradition of the Kashmir Papier Machie has its origin rooted in the 15th century when king Zain-ul-Abidin invited accomplished artists and craftsmen from Central Asia.