Kashmir Sports

  • Skiing

Another popular activity, especially in winter, is skiing in Kashmir. However, this sport doesn’t remain restricted to only winters. It is an adventure that can be enjoyed all around the year. The lofty summits and the shimmering snow provide tourists with the ideal setting to enjoy a winter delight like skiing. Gulmarg is the perfect place for such sport and relishes the game with your heart’s content. Equipment necessary for skiing like skis, sticks, boots, goggles, and gloves is all available in the local Gulmarg ski shops.

  •  Trekking

One of the major adventure sports offered by Kashmir is trekking. The sport provides adventurers with abundant opportunities of discovering the rugged terrain and mountains and landscapes of the Himalayas. The snow-covered peaks, the cascading streams, the deep, lush green valleys make for the perfect trekking destination. The Shankaracharya hill on the Zabarwan hills offers ideal spots for trekking. The lofty glaciers, the valley filled with rich flora and fauna make your trekking experience even more exciting and engaging. For beginners, there are several mountaineering and trekking clubs to train and to guide them. Tourists can hire guides to make the entire journey interesting and informative.

  • River rafting

River rafting in Kashmir has emerged as one of the popular adventure sports following the rise of adventure tourism in Kashmir. Raft through the gorgeous rivers, tackling several whirlpools surrounded by deep green valleys, which make your journey goosebump challenging. The invigorating mountain river rafting in Kashmir involves manoeuvring rapids from grade 1 to grade 3. Some areas, however run-through grade 4 rapids. Nevertheless, the rapids in Kashmir are moderate, making rafting an easy adventure. During river rafting, teamwork and coordination are very important and one must abide by the instructions of their instructors.

  • Shikara Ride

Amid the tranquil yet sensuous world of Kashmir, lies something heavenly, shikara, a pretty wooden carved boat. The shikhara is one of the stunning attractions of Kashmir. Capturing the vintage charm, the shikhara offers a unique feel of experiencing the everlasting charm of Kashmir. The shikara ride is a relaxing and rejuvenating one, captivating experience and worthful pleasure that Kashmir has to offer.

Shikara boats can also be boarded for sightseeing like Shalimar garden, Nishat garden, Hazrat Bal mosque, etc. The most attractive use of the shikara boats is as floating markets. Varieties of flowers and handicrafts are sold on these shikara boats. The sight of shikara boats floating full of vibrant blooms is definitely worth watching. Shikara boats are also used for birdwatching.

  • Rugby:

Rugby is another popular sport in Jammu Kashmir. Indeed, the state has a number of exceptionally brilliant rugby players. Tournaments are held both at state and district levels to provide further boost to this sport. Kabbadi and kho-kho too are played with enthusiasm in Jammu and Kashmir.