Food Industries:

Manufacturer of more than 100 kinds of bubble gum, chewing gum, hard boiled depositing candies, chocolates, lollipops, chew toffees, jellies etc. Manufacturer of sweets for children. Manufacture Candies (hard-boiled, special laminated and deposited), Toffees, Chew Toffees, Bubble and Chewing gums in bar and bazooka shapes etc.

HE Technology:

HE Technology is offering RFID Time Attendance System, Biometric Finger Print Door Lock Control System

Home Alliance:

Offers air conditioning, heating and refrigeration solutions across the country.

Automobile Industry

This industry is essential for the industrial growth of the country. It produces raw steel, billets, sheets and many other products which are used in manufacturing of other goods. The relways is one of the largest consumers of steel production. Iron and steel are used in construction and for the production of steel instruments, ships, Buildings, bicycles, wheels and surgical instruments. Heavy Mechanical Complex has been set up at texila with the help of China and large steel mill has been set up at Karachi with the assistance of Russia.