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In the 1960s and 1970s Karachi was the centre of the Pakistani film industry with a host of cinemas and film studios in this city. Watching movies at the cinemas was a major pastime and recreation activity. However, in the 1980s two major changes came about: The film industry moved to Lahore. Also there was a notable growth of Pashto films in Peshawar. The arrival of VCRss so that people could watch movies in their homes. These changes resulted in the closure of many cinemas. A majority of them were converted into shopping malls or apartment blocks & after almost 20 years Karachi cinema again revived & now become country's main hub. Amidst the growing concerns over the decline of the industry and viewership and the need for revitalization, a number of initiatives have been taken at the cultural landscape of Karachi. Most effective of them all is the trend of the annual international Kara Film Festival since 2001 & by 2007 Karachi is the main headquarters to Pakistan's showbiz, fashion, film & media industry. There are numerous cinemas in Karachi. Most of the cinema houses present English, Hindi, and Urdu language films. Karachi's Nueplex, Cineplex, Atrium, Cinepax, Ocean Mall & Capri are the biggest cinemas of Pakistan with Nueplex being the first ever 3D & 4D cinema of the country.