Sindh Sports


Malakhra is an ancient Sindhi form of wrestling in Pakistan which dates back 5000 years. The match begins with both wrestlers tying a twisted cloth around the opponent’s waist. Each one then holds onto the opponent’s waist cloth and tries to throw him to the ground.


Boxing has been gaining popularity in Pakistan. Compared to other sports, Pakistani boxers have performed reasonably well in the international events. There are boxing clubs in major cities of Pakistan. Karachi has produced some of the best Pakistani boxers over the year. One of the major reasons for recent popularity of boxing in Pakistan is perhaps Amir Khan.

Tug of War

About 9 teams participated in the 2019 National Men’s Tug of War Championship which successfully concluded with WAPDA claiming the title at Pakistan Sports Complex in Karachi.


Sindh cricket team is a domestic cricket team in Pakistan representing Sindh province. It competes in domestic first-class, List A and T20 cricket competitions, namely the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, Pakistan Cup and National T20 Cup. The team is operated by the Sindh Cricket Association.